Gulliver's travels : movie novelization

Willson, Sarah

Stillman, Joe Stoller, Nicholas Swift, Jonathan

Very loosely based on the story by Jonathan Swift Summary: Lemuel Gulliver is just an ordinary guy working in the mail room of the New York Tribune. No one ever takes him seriously, until he gets his big break and is sent on a writing trip to investigate the Bermuda Triangle. But instead of fun in the sun, Gulliver is shipwrecked and lands on an island called Lilliput. There he convinces the population of tiny, tiny people that where he comes from, he is 'President the Awesome', an intergalactic warrior and the person who invented basketball.But can Gulliver really live up to his newly created giant persona, or in the end will he go back to being his scared old self? (From back cover)
additional notes
adapted by Sarah Willson ; based on the screenplay by Joe Stillman and Nicholas Stoller
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Fiction 121560