Wolves vs. zombies

Mann, Greyson

Sandford, Grace

Series: Secrets of an Overworld survivor ; book 3
Greyson Mann ; illustrated by Grace Sandford.
Wolves versus zombies
110 pages
On cover: An unofficial Minecrafter's novel.
Summary: With zombie attacks threatening their town, Wills older brother urges him to act responsible by staying home to protect the villagers. But Will, ever the explorer, is already dreaming of his next destination: the snow-covered forests of the Taiga biome. He still goes on his adventure and finds the wintry region everything he hoped for, right down to the pack of wild wolves he could try to tame as pets. But when an urgent message from home tells him his brothers in trouble, Will has to choose: stay in the Taiga biome and tame the wolf he has always wanted, or return home and rescue his brother?
Secrets of an Overworld survivor ; 3.
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